How much does it cost to buy the homepage template?

The Startup Costs homepage template is a modern-build template using Tailwind Css.

After numerous requests I've made the homepage template available to buy. It's the the current homepage as it's now. One page including Css written using Tailwind's utility classes, and using the ITCSS methodology. Meaning it goes from low specificity to high specificity. The naming convention of choice is BEM. As such it is neatly organised and easy to modify using the Tailwind configuration file. You are free to use, change and modify it for any kind of project.

For just $19 you get the full homepage template with well-written, easy to modify, and using best practices (ITCSS, BEM), stylesheets.

What's included? A webpack based build system with an HTML file and the stylesheets, organised in multiple smaller CSS files.