How much does it cost to run a startup

Learn about the tools other startups use and what their monthly running costs are

Founded in 2018

$ 1,546.70 month


Speedrank monitors the performance of a site in the background. It displays reports over time and delivers recommendations for improvement.

$ 4,041.95 month


Beautiful customer engagement tools for founders and startups

$ 18.50 month

200 Words a Day

We are a community of people willing to get into a habit of writing and improve together. 200 words at a time, every day

$ 102.75 month


Analytics for your Ghost blog

$ 133 month


Hiring platform that helps to hire faster & cheaper by allowing everyone to refer friends to your job

$ 178.25 month

Daily Task Planner that makes you more productive

$ 19 month


Squadpanel is web application that allow organization, companies, teams and others to improve how his members know each other

$ 61 month


Get a better lifestyle, starting from your posture. StayActive is a small handy wearable device that helps you to improve your back

$ 100 month


Website builder for non-technical small business owners, bloggers and influencers

$ 50 month


The elder smartphone. Video calls, pictures, reminders in a blink

$ 20.75 month


Reed 3x faster with smart RSVP speed reader

$ 17.69 month condenses work into a weekly mail that reads easy to make people less anxious about work.

$ 133 month

Micro-store builder for FBA sellers

$ 12,209 month


Employee management for next-generation companies

Founded in 2017

$ 766 month


Growthmentor is an on-demand platform where you can connect with hand picked growth experts for 1:1 calls

$ 162.34 month


Web design and development. Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine experts.

$ 442 month


Unified API for multiple messengers

$ 498 month

UX Store

UX Store provides tools and materials for wireframing and paper prototyping

$ 98 month

Crypto related news site

$ 83.48 month


World Renowned Free Web Hosting Services for Students & Charities

$ 178 month


Datantify is the leading solution to build contact list (ex. phone, mail) from any industries & countries with verfield data.

$ 179 month


Bybrand lets you create and standardize beautiful email signatures for you and everyone on your team

$ 382.08 month


Powerful research tool and online community for store owners, marketers and dropshippers

$ 90 month


Instagram Analytics, Influencer Directory

$ 100 month


Launch your event, engage attendees and get actionable insights with a modern mobile event app and simple event registration software.

Founded in 2016

$ 20 month


Meet awesome people nearby and make new friends as an adult

$ 219 month


Cross-platform HTTP and GraphQL client for developers

$ 276.33 month


Email receipt management for you and your business

$ 29 month

Raklet Inc

Automated Messaging and Payments

$ 356 month


Resources for indie founders, makers, and solopreneurs

Founded in 2014

$ 2,365.56 month


Krit is an agency that specializes in helping non-technical founders build new tech products.

$ 506 month


Learn Ruby on Rails with screencasts for Web Developers

Founded in 2013

$ 48 month


Rapid prototyping developer platform & mobile development agency

Founded in 2011

$ 474 month

Candy Japan

Japanese candy subscription

Founded in 2008

$ 208 month

One Page Love

Showcase of beautiful One Page websites, templates and resources

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