How much does it cost to run a side project

Learn about the tools other side projects use and what their monthly running costs are

Founded in 2018

$ 842.51 month


Instantly deploy Ubiquiti servers in the cloud!

$ 130.16 month


Flying start for Rails makers. A Ruby on Rails template to focus on your core product right from the start

$ 11.74 month


Email and Slack notifications about version releases from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Docker, PyPI, Maven, Gems, NPM and Yarn and Packagist

$ 74 month

HTTP Toolkit

Powerful tools to debug, test & build with HTTP(S)

$ 22.50 month

Code with Hugo

Coding, web development and more with Hugo

$ 75 month


Accurate hyperlocal weather app

$ 90 month


Job search engine for developers

$ 775 month

Freelancer Services ready for your project

$ 69 month


Suisleep is custom mattress solution

$ 0.99 month


Yellowpages for Twitter users

$ 100.79 month

Defects AI

Label your GitHub Issues automatically with Machine Learning Models trained particularly for this use-case

$ 198.95 month


The SEO tool that helps you find and fix seo issues, broken links and slow pages

$ 34 month


Finding a work partner/co founder, or a project to join

$ 102 month


A Simple Website Monitoring with SSL Certificate Check included

$ 7 month


Make a UI Kit for your next project

$ 21 month

Top Coin Rates

Cryptocurrency conversion rates

$ 2.26 month

Help a Scientist

Contribute to real scientific projects in your new tab

$ 19.99 month


List of Low Cost Domain Registration Registar

$ 5 month


Find co-travelers for your next journey

$ 34 month

Affordable Prices, Unlimited Email verification

$ 25.99 month


Find the best coffee places in your city

$ 120.44 month


Grow your startup with curated and pre-packaged marketing gigs

$ 1.16 month


A better way to manage your emails

$ 24.99 month

Review Hero

Get more reviews, automate your review generation with campaigns

$ 85.08 month


Get targeted consumer data

$ 15 month


Bringing together students and experienced mentors in Tech

$ 40 month

Vue Hero

Learning platform for Vue.js. We help you get from zero to hero!

$ 10 month


We're the real social network connecting you to those around you in much simpler and easier ways off line.

$ 7 month


Read books via email

$ 139.99 month


In 12 weeks from idea to product (Dutch)

$ 40 month

Totals Tracker

Dashboard for tracking season-long over-under win totals wagers.

$ 30 month


Complete photo session booking platform

$ 656 month


WordPress Themes development

$ 15.28 month


Collect birthday with ease from friends and family via one link

$ 52 month


Design a stunning resume in minutes

$ 12 month

Subscription to monthly job thread on HackerNews

$ 11 month


Intelligent job application filtering for remote companies

$ 19 month


IT Contract-only job board for the UK

$ 25 month

Create an order and checkout page to sell your freelancing services

$ 172 month


Secretary of State Filings Database for OTC Stock Market Companies

$ 135 month


A place to gather your favorite products from every corner of the web

$ 53 month

Themes For App

Free bootstrap themes for indie makers and startups

$ 47.50 month


Community-curated resources and tools for professionals

$ 0.94 month

Advanced ticket ranking, search, and alerts for Hamilton the musical

$ 12.19 month

TextBar Live

Monitor your Macs

$ 50 month

Find My Gym

Global crowd-sourced database of gyms

$ 50.51 month


Writing tool optimized for productivity and focus.

Founded in 2017

$ 40 month


Wireflow is free, online and open sorrce tool for creating beautiful user flow prototypes

$ 64 month

Pulse Site Auditor

Pulse makes website audits intuitive, understandable, and simple 👌

$ 8.25 month

Time Zone Converter

Calculate exact time anywhere in the world across time zones online. Use the world clock to see the current time around the world.

$ 9.46 month


Simple translation management platform for Ruby on Rails apps

$ 215.23 month


Better Digital Ocean server backups

$ 2 month

Compare career ladders and compensation across companies.

$ 65.98 month


Pet adoption and Rescue Platform

$ 140 month

Radar Themes

Premium WordPress Themes for Writers

$ 12 month


Discover The Best Newsletters In Every Topic

$ 11 month

High-quality web development resources and tools on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Vue.js, React, and much more!

$ 12.90 month


Turn your readers into subscribers with embeddable newsletter signup forms

$ 23.50 month

Surprise yourself with random packages delivered to your doorstep!

$ 57 month


Music Notifications for new albums by artists you like

$ 23 month

Personal Discount

Unique discount codes for your email list subscribers

$ 32 month

Made with love

Best Secret Source -- To uncover the best design inspiration, tech news, and trends that you won’t find with a web search.

$ 97.94 month

Startup Watching

Curate knowledge, inspiration and background stories from the startup world 🌎🚀

$ 55.05 month


Tools to power your next event

$ 11 month


WannaSoft aims to bridge the gap between business and tech communities and solve business problems with software

Founded in 2016

$ 18.12 month

Product Disrupt

Product Disrupt is a list of resources for learning product design from the internet

$ 7.53 month

Oh My Gear

Database for professional athlete equipment

$ 25 month

Steam Backlog

A Steam library manager built with simplicity in mind

$ 11 month


Drugs database for spanish speaking countries

$ 10 month

Hustle Mode ON

A Curated Directory of the Best Productivity Tools on the World Wide Web

$ 40.99 month


Manage and sync your Sketch plugins across machines and teams

$ 121 month


Turn your favorite recipes on Pinterest into your grocery list within seconds.

$ 25 month


Ping pong leaderboard for awesome offices

Founded in 2015

$ 481 month

A monitoring service for your cron jobs, background services and scheduled tasks

Founded in 2013

$ 301.50 month


Goal-oriented productivity. Don't just do things—get somewhere

$ 3,114 month


Programmer productivity tools, fully-automatic time tracking, freelancer & contractor tools

Founded in 2012

$ 878 month

The easiest way to follow a vegan diet

$ 733 month

Simple & inexpensive website monitoring.

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