Grow a more profitable SaaS business

Learn about the tools and features that will help your SaaS company become more profitable. Startup Costs helps you manage your expenses, track your revenue and give super useful financial forecasts.

Manage your company expenses

Manage all your software and operational expenses from one convenient and easy-to-use dashboard. From monthly and yearly subscriptions to one-off expenses and per-seat pricing. Categorise your expenses by team or department and see how much (or little) you spent at each of them. Add your costs manually or auto-import your data from spreadsheets or credit card-/bank-statements. Startup Costs is your new company finance hub.

Instant visual overview

Your company-wide shared spreadsheet doesn't cut it anymore. Better and more clear overview graphs tells you which month saw the most expenses and see how your costs have changed over time. Your dashboard gives you clear graphs and stats to get a better picture of where your company stands.

Track your Stripe fees

Your fees for Stripe are variable and based on your revenue. Simply connect your Stripe account to your dashboard to easily add your month-by-month fees. Your fees are automatically updated several times a day too! See at a glance how much you've paid for Stripe. Integrations with AWS and Heroku coming soon.

Better decisions with financial forecasts

Get financial forecasts for up to five years. See at a glance how your expenses accumulate over time or which year was the most expensive and why. The best decisions are made based on real valuable data.

Track your revenue

Add revenue manual or connect with Stripe to let the Startup Costs bot do the work for you. Get direct insights into your revenue for this month, last month and even predictions for next year.

Know your bank balance Coming soon

Cashflow is key for any business. By adding your bank balance you can see how certain decisions might affect your cashflow situation so you can make the correct decisions right on time.

Run multiple scenarios Coming soon

Run multiple scenarios and see how certain big expenses, a new hire or any amount of churn impacts your revenue, expenses and bank balance. Compare scenarios and decide which route is the right one to take for your company.

Collaborate with your team Coming soon

Invite your team members and share your finances with them. Ask questions, resolve unknowns and make decisions together.

Make better decisions for your SaaS company

No credit card needed. Paid plans start with a 7-day free trial.