The idea for Startup Costs from the get-go was to bring budgeting tools to small businesses. After all, costs are the only certain factor within every business. Knowing where to and how much you spend is critical of running a profitable business.

Startup Costs v2 will introduce new PRO features that help you (and your team) manage your expenses and keep a close eye on your budget. Big expense coming up? We got you. Get a clear graphical view of your costs? Check! Get a glimpse into your future costs? Can be done too. Some more of the features you can expect:

🎨 Fully redesigned dashboard

All the new features will have to have a new place. The current dashboard is already pushed to its limit by some features. UI design is very important at Startup Costs, so useful, slick and other superlatives will be in order, but now with more room to grow.

📈 Overview of your total monthly and annual numbers

Knowing the separate costs per SaaS tool you use, but what have spend on them in total? This year? Did it gone up since last year? How much did you spent on rent? Or software overall? All these numbers will be available to you.

🥽 Scenarios: predictions of your future costs

Knowing how much you spent is really useful. Being able to predict what you will spent next year is really powerful. With scenarios you can freely play around with your numbers, remove a service, see how much you could budget for a new hire, check how much you'd save if you rented a smaller office. Any kind of predictions can be made in the new Scenario tool.

💳 Connect with your payment processor for income, starting with Stripe

You cannot spend, if you don't have any revenue. Starting from Startup Costs v2 you will be able to add your income coming from Stripe too. Giving you even more complete insights into your finances.

📆 An all new calendar view

A new calendar view will be added. Giving you a day by day overview of what expenses are incoming.

💶 Convert to your home currency

We don't all make or spend in USD. You will be able to set a home currency for your account. This home currency will be used to convert all your numbers with always up-to-date exchange rates.

🧮 Auto-calculate VAT on your expenses

VAT is something every business needs to think off. You can set to add or deduct VAT automatically based off a percentage.

🤝 Collaborate with team members

What is more fun to drool over all those expenses? Drool over those expenses with a team member of course! Starting with v2 you will be invite your CFO, your accountant or whoever within your company knows more about money than you.

Lock-in a 35% discount for life.