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Github Education

If you're still a student, you can go over to the github bagpack and get a whole lot of goodies for free including a domain name, $50 digital ocean credit and Heroku hobbiest for a year.

from $0.00 to $700.00


AWS gives you 5GB of their s3 storage which is perfect for storing user generated content, then you also get 25 GB of their Dynamodb database

from $0.00 to $25.00


Without paying anything you can get a standard html website hosted that has built in CI and A/B Testing, but best of all, you can also add a custom domain

from $0.00 to $10.00


Within firebases free tier, you get a few databases with up to 1GB worth (with 20k writes a day), 600 minutes of functions and as well as an easy to use Auth System

from $0.00 to $1128.00


You can find there a deal where they give you $50 free for hosting, which is a steal!