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More fine-grained settings for public dashboards

New fine-grained options are just added to your Startup Costs dashboard. Operation costs, such as office expenses, employee wages and similar, can now optionally made public. When enabled these are shown below your software/saas-subscriptions. Furthermore your total monthly running amount is tallied accordingly too.

Many #openstartups like to share their revenue as to be as transparent as possible. From now on you can, if you are on a PRO plan, also share your revenue through your public dashboard too. It shows the exact same amount as you see on your dashboard, ie. your current net revenue. Your revenue is automatically added via your Stripe account by simply connecting your Stripe account to your Startup Costs dashboard.

More fine-grained options in your public settings

new 18/08/2019

See the history for all your transactions at glance

Starting today you can see the history for any of your subscriptions, operational costs and revenue at a glance. From your dashboard choose any of your transactions (Stripe in below’s example) and from the following modal, you can see the that specific transaction’s history. If you want to see more details or make changes, you can click through to “history” tab.

history at a glance

update 07/08/2019

Add revenue from Stripe to your dashboard

Starting today you can add the revenue you process through Stripe to your dashboard. Simply head over to Integrations > Connect with Stripe (if you haven’t already done so) and check “Import Revenue”. The Startup Costs Bot will poll your Stripe account throughout the day for updates.

You can also add any manual revenue you have from other sources just as easy as you add your expenses. The number given is your net revenue (ie. excluding Stripe’s fees), not your monthly recurring revenue.

With the ability to add your SaaS’ revenue, your dashboard now also shows your profit month by month and year to date. This new feature marks a slight change in focus for Startup Costs as we set out to do a few months ago when the work for Startup Costs v2 was started. Questions or feedback can, as always, be send to support.

new 12/07/2019

Invite team members to your dashboard

imembers overview in your Startup Costs dashboard

You don’t run your business alone. Even if you run a (bootstrapped) solo-business, you might need to work with other people. Starting today you can invite your team member, your accountant or your mom (she’s proud of you!) to your dashboard. Simply head over the sidebar navigation, click the gear icon and choose members. Here you’ll see one familiar face (you!) and a new face, your own Startup Costs Bot. This smart creature runs some things for you in the background. At the bottom of this page, you can invite team members by email and also remove them again.

new 25/06/2019

Startup Costs V2 is here

Nine months after the highly anticipated first version, v2 is built from the ground up, spotting an all-new design and ready for some ground-breaking features you will love. A budget tool focused on SaaS companies. Giving you clear and visual insights into your expenses, revenue and gives you financial forecasts. Today and many years from now.

Read all about the details in the blogpost.

new 18/06/2019