Launching Startup Costs v2

Startup Costs v2 is here. Giving you financial insightful super powers. Manage recurring costs and see upcoming expenses. From expenses ánd revenue: having real financial insights into your business is now easier than ever. Helping you to make better decisions for your company.

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Startup Costs Team 18/06/2019

If you have been following the Startup scene for a little bit the past few years, you more than likely have read stories about startups openly sharing the story how they struggled getting by, not making enough money, overestimating the amount of revenue they would make and underestimating the amount of expenses they had. Sometimes resulting in the unfortunate situation to let go of some team members. These are just some of the known stories (positive note: they are doing all just real fine now). There are countless other stories of companies that were and are struggling financially. What were they missing? 🥁 Startup Costs. ✨

Visual financial insights

The entrepreneurial mind is often really positive—always looking on the bright side of life. It’s this same kind of mindset that is, at the same time, the source of some trouble. See: when all you look at are some numbers going in and out, you might think “this is fine”, as you miss the big picture. Month by month things look okay. Just about break-even or only slightly in the red. Without a visual way to see the real numbers of this month and being able to forecast your finances a year from now, you’ll go down a road of possibly bad decisions.

Startup Costs gives you tools to track and manage your costs, stack them against your revenue and bank balance and give you insights in how they might look in certain scenarios and a few years down the road.

This is just the beginning

Our roadmap is enormous and I’m truly excited about everything that is coming soon. Startup Costs v2 in its current state has been in beta for a little while and the (paying) customers are seeing great results. That very same roadmap is also the reason, launch might have been a few months away. But I believe, that launching semi-prematurely will strengthen the product in the long-haul.

An idea of the current roadmap in random order?

These are just some of the new powerful ways that will make it even easier for you to get a sense of your company’s (financial) future. But current customers are already getting that power-up and making smarter and educated decisions based off of it.

Coming from Startup Costs v1

In September 2018 Startup Costs started as a really simple way for founders, makers and other business owners to manage, track and share their monthly running costs. Most of Startup Costs v1 was known for, can now be found on the /open page. It was built in a fairly rudimentary way. It quickly gained some traction, and within a few months hundreds used Startup Costs in a variety of ways.

Now in June 2019, Startup Costs sees its second iteration and is now a mature and serious product used by startups to help them make better decisions. But, as with most software companies, this is just the beginning and I super glad you are here reading this. 😊 This blog will be the place to tag along on product news and improvements, behind the scenes and tips and tricks to have a financially healthy business. Welcome—I hope you’ll enjoy following the journey with me. 🚀

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