Startup Costs is a bootstrapped product

Startup Costs was built in September 2018 as a side project. Using the Sjabloon application template it took less than 8 hours for the first version to be built. Over the course of two months over 250 startups and side projects started to use it to track and, in 50% of the cases, also share their monthly running costs. Knowing from running multiple products in the past, I know how important it is to keep a close eye on all your finances. That's why shortly after the 250th sign up I introduced “Startup Costs Pro”. A set of tools to track, manage and forecast all your startup's expenses.

Startup Costs is not operated by a big company, but, with the help of the odd freelancer, by one person that cares about its users and customers. You can send me an email directly or find me on twitter.

What are the monthly running costs for this site?

Frequently asked questions

Why would anyone want to share their monthly running costs publicly?

There are multiple reasons for this. Often it's because for transparency, building more honest (online) companies or it's part of their marketing strategy.

Why would I be interested in this?

Browsing Startup Costs you will find similar startups and side projects like yours (or one you plan to build). Seeing their costs can give you an idea of how much (or little!) it will cost to run your (new) venture. Also discovering new products is a great side effect too! To learn and inspire. ✨

Why should I track my costs at all?

Running any type of business comes with various costs: software (lots of it if you are web-based), salaries, insurance, office rent maybe, and more. To have a financially successful business you need to spend less than you make. The tools from Startup Costs can help you here.

How do you make money?

Startup Costs runs on a powerful business budgeting SaaS. Startup use these tools to keep track and manage their financials.

What's up with the “promoted” startup on the homepage?

This is a paid position. Get in touch if you want to be promoted too.

Can I advertise on Startup Costs

There are some great ways to get your product in front of some great startups, companies and founders. Get in touch to get the details of the many options we provide.

Can I buy the Startup Costs homepage template?

Guess what? You can! Go over here to learn all about it.

Can I buy you a coffee?

I love coffee. You can always buy me a coffee. ☕️

I am missing features X, Y or Z

I probably do too. But feel free to let me know about it.

Do I need to make my costs public?

While sharing your monthly costs was the basis to start Startup Costs, you are free to keep it private and just use Startup Costs to track your monthly expenses (some great new features coming just for you!).

How much does it cost to buy Startup Costs

Make me an offer I can't refuse…