About Startup Costs

Startup Costs launched in September 2018, built as a side project in less than a weekend. At first it was a rather primitive way to help SaaS companies track their monthly running cost and share those with the world. This little idea gathered a fairly big following with entrepreneurs and startup spectators around the world. And within two months over 200 startups started to use Startup Costs to track their monthly running costs (and in a many cases share their costs publicly too).

After the 250th signup, and talking to many founders using it, I started to tinker with the idea to move Startup Costs to the next level. To turn it into a solid SaaS product that can help other SaaS founders to really know their finances better so they can make better decisions. From more visual ways in the form of graphs, understanding their revenue at a glance and import of data from third-party services (eg. Stripe, Amazon AWS). Decision-making is not just about gut feeling. Knowing your numbers for this month and down the road, will make you run your business more peacefully.

After a solid period of full-time development, Startup Costs v2 is here. A fully-reimagined way for SaaS companies to make better decisions based on real business financial insights.

Startup Costs is a bootstrapped company of one (with the occasional help). You can find Startup Costs on Twitter or send an email.