How much does it cost to run a startup

Popular SaaS companies often talk about their MRR, but what about their monthly running costs?

$ 52.46 month


A Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit to focus on your core product right from the start


$ 0.75 month


Software tool so you can have your clients have a subscription to your products



$ 1,546.70 month


Speedrank monitors the performance of a site in the background. It displays reports over time and delivers recommendations for improvement.

$ 766 month


Growthmentor is an on-demand platform where you can connect with hand picked growth experts for 1:1 calls

$ 4,041.95 month


Beautiful customer engagement tools for founders and startups

$ 18.50 month

200 Words a Day

We are a community of people willing to get into a habit of writing and improve together. 200 words at a time, every day

Side projects

$ 6.98 month

FBA Catalog

Software catalog for Amazon Sellers - Find tools that fit your business in no time!

$ 5 month

Hermanos PC

Community of enthusiasts for computers and setups

$ 1,030 month


Parserr allows you to turn incoming emails into useful data to use in various other 3rd party systems

$ 842.51 month


Instantly deploy Ubiquiti servers in the cloud!