What does it cost to run a startup?

Startup Costs hosts many startups and side projects that bravely share their monthly running costs.

Helptail promoted

A #nocode marketing automation tool for SaaS. Collect feedback and broadcast messages to your customers.

USD 127.10


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Will They Buy?

Find out if people will buy before you build

USD 120


API Analytics for API providers.

USD 342.20


Automated sourcing and screening software for startups

USD 271

Chat Metrics

Your 24/7 online sales team

USD 55.50


The painless shift to paperless time tracking

USD 171


Create an impactful learning experience

USD 170

Side projects

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We are a constantly evolving network of custom Team Fortress servers worldwide.

USD 97.52

Smart Contact Manager

Share Google Contacts with other Gmail users

USD 40

Email to Text

Send and receive text messages (SMS) from Gmail at scale.

USD 33

Eleven Puzzles

A highly cooperative online escape room experience in your browser


One Word Domains

Database of 500K+ available and brandable one-word domains for your startup idea

USD 11.33


UUByte - The Best Provider of ISO and DMG Toolkit

USD 20