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What does it cost to run a startup?

Startup Costs hosts many startups and side projects that bravely share their monthly running costs.

Helptail promoted

For managers of remote teams: know how your remote team really is doing.

USD 149


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Customer Feedback and Public Roadmap Management Software

USD 40


Startup names with available dotcoms and logos

USD 49

All Remote Jobs and Remote Workers in one place

USD 15

Fuji X

WYSIWYG platform that lets create
 a backend for your product in minutes.

USD 449


Practice foreign language with native speakers. Live

USD 46


The online equivalent of a busy store

USD 2,048.99

Side projects

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UUByte - The Best Provider of ISO and DMG Toolkit

USD 4,494

Random Daily Art

Get art delivered straight to your inbox every day for free.

USD 21.99

One Word Domains

Database of all available and brandable one-word domains for your startup idea

USD 2.33


Swiss army knife to connect with website users in under 5min

USD 18


A bootstrapped website with marketing case studies for fast-growing startups

USD 164


A free smart study planner app for students.

USD 14.86