How much does it cost to run a startup

Popular SaaS companies often talk about their MRR, but what about their monthly running costs?

Announcing budgeting tool for small businesses

$ 57.92 month


A Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit to focus on your core product right from the start


$ 425 month

Rose √Čternelle

We sell preserved flowers, we are also selling in Italy, Spain, Czech Rep. and Poland. Our best seller is the Beauty and the Beast rose.



$ 79 month

Effortless microsites for Amazon Sellers

$ 20 month


India's most used eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution.

$ 10 month

Tracking Bee

Capturing User interactions for better user experiences

$ 86.20 month


Product communications and marketing. From spreading the word, getting customer feedback to driving product adoption and engagement

Side projects

$ 34.50 month


Webperf agency with integrated affiliate products.

$ 621.91 month

Prospect Followup App

$ 878 month

The easiest way to follow a vegan diet

$ 953 month

Simple & inexpensive website monitoring.