What does it cost to run a startup?

Startup Costs hosts many startups and side projects that bravely share their monthly running costs.

Seos promoted

Improve the relationship with your SaaS customers

USD 98


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For managers of remote teams: know how your remote team really is doing.

USD 149


RoomMe is the largest and fastest growing virtual kost operator in Indonesia.

USD 1,008

Influencers Club

Get Custom Targeted Consumer & Influencer Email Lists From Any Niche

USD 200


No-nonsense website monitoring and status page service.

USD 111


All-in-one website & database backups on auto-pilot.

USD 310


Customer Feedback and Public Roadmap Management Software

USD 40

Side projects

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Email to Text

Send and receive text messages (SMS) from Gmail at scale.

USD 45

Eleven Puzzles

A highly cooperative online escape room experience in your browser


One Word Domains

Database of 500K+ available and brandable one-word domains for your startup idea

USD 11.33


UUByte - The Best Provider of ISO and DMG Toolkit

USD 1,294

Random Daily Art

Get art delivered straight to your inbox every day for free.

USD 21.99


Swiss army knife to connect with website users in under 5min

USD 18